Steps Leading Towards a Successful Project

Steps Leading Towards a Successful Project

Designing a good home or office or any space is a huge responsibility. There is a plethora of information available around us regarding the subject, yet the knowledge is incomplete therefore resulting in people making huge mistakes when it comes to managing the process of designing, choosing what suits the best to them and most importantly where to start and how to go about. Clients set aside, even the renowned and promising interior designers, sometimes lose the track of things which can lead to costly mistakes and wastage of resources. So what is that one can do to complete an interior design project stress-free, quickly and smartly ? This is how we love to do it.


Step 1 :
Understand the needs by taking into account the client’s requirements and desires.
This is the first and foremost chief move towards grasping the expectations and living up to them. A mistake in understanding the need is a mistake in delivering the right product inducing a dissatisfied client which can be a big red flag for your business.


Step 2 : 

Have A Plan ! Planning makes it easier to organise things and actions setting forth the list of priorities that needs to be checklisted previously before moving onto other segments. The significance of planning in such a complex and explicit process is dreadful. One tiny error and the whole procedure becomes dysfunctional causing a delay in completion of the project and an overflowing budget. 


Step 3 :  

Blend the requirements and desires ! An overriding element of any design process is to amalgamate the factors which are driving the zeal towards having a dream home ; Requirements and Desires. ‘ What we have now, what is required to have and what is it that we would love to have ? ’ are the key questions one should ask to themselves to have a clear picture in front of you. To help with, here are some pointers you can refer to : 

  • Map the usage of each room basis the number of people

  • Consider if you are downsizing/upsizing from your current home so that you can plan accordingly

  • Create two separate heads- “Must Have List”Needs (The bare minimum essentials like kitchen, wardrobe, etc)

  • Create “Good To Have” list which can consist of false ceiling, console table, wall textures

  • Create a “Would love to have” list like art piece, chandelier, mirror paneling on wall etc.

  • It's good to have a budget in mind and try to see if you can easily cover list one and majority of list 2.


Step 4 :

Budget planning : When you have no specified budget within a limited range, it is quite sure that you will end up spending more than it actually costs and get yourself caught in emotional buying. Be extra careful and thoughtful when buying materials and resources.


Step 5 : 

Design Development : Once you’ve known what is your client’s need and what is it that he desire to have, now is the time to put your creativity and imagination into action and develop a design based on the available space which suits the best for the family, reflects their personality along with the comfort of being into “home”.


Step 6 : 

We’ve got everything ! Now it’s the time to showcase our skills. 

The above steps are just a documented version of the transformation and magic we designers can do to make you believe in fairytales and fancy stories. Now is the time to stop talking and start executing and proving to our clients that they have left their homes in trusted hands for themselves to construct into something they have always wished for.