A Contemporary Bachelor Pad

In the client’s satisfaction is where our success lies! Sharing you a story of a young lawyer, Raghav Ginodia, who returned to his hometown after living in the City of Dreams, Mumbai. Looking for a plush and versatile place to read, live, relax and even throw parties to enjoy life to its fullest. Knowing his needs and desires, we designed a place for him that allowed him to be himself ; a contemporary style design. The process was quick and detailed and he was happy to host his friends on New Year’s Eve just within the span of 2.5 months. However the main challenge was to create a lively and de-stress space as an extension of the living room. This utilization of space changed the whole semblance of the apartment! It was now deluxe and trendy than it was before as we reused furniture and complemented it with the overall blue-grey theme. There was also abundant space left for future improvisation as he is still self-explorating. At last, Raghav was happy to call his friends over and was a proud owner of the place that he can call his. He also now hosts meetings from the cozy place, uses blackboard for ideation and visions and enjoys dinner with family and friends!