Renovating a two-storied bungalow completely

It is truly said that to taste the fruits of success one must follow a three-step rule ; Decide, Commits  and Succeed. To transform this two-storied house into the one which our client desired and wanted to live in was a big challenge for our team. We had done a lot of structural and facade changes. Client had various national and international clients whom he consulted from home. Thus, wanted to sustain with the standards of copiousness and imperialism and a luxury abode for the family with plush rest areas. Yet providing to our clients needs and meeting their expectations is what we endeavour ! We decided on the process and designs and committed our time and efforts towards curating this beautiful bungalow with bold colour bathrooms, tints of white with grey and wooden touch in bedrooms, a plush and detailed rest areas and a fascinating light elevation on the outside.