A luxurious and plush 5BHK apartment

A taste for a rich lifestyle and an interior to amaze their frequent guests is what the Sethi couple desired for their home to be. The family often hosted parties at home and kids enjoyed their playdates and as it was 5BHK we decided to allocate one room to be a formal drawing room to host the guests with stone veneer walls and huge sofas with a beautiful premium and open kitchen and big space leading to the living room. The couple also wanted the public and private zone to be different which was made respectively by interconnecting the foyer areas to go with the alignment. Additionally, the long and spacious verandah leading to another hall was converted into a private zone with trendy sofas, accent chairs and a 60 wall mounted TV as living and dining space for the family. The space zoning and wall colour were carefully chosen as per Vastu while the master bedroom has a feminine touch to it, the kids room seems a lot more fun and playful as we transitioned the kid’s room balcony into a beautiful castle by covering it up and adding mattresses all over. We also complemented the play room with little wonderland plays such as rock climbing, hanging rods and swings. The kids also loved the walls with their names written on it and it is where all their friends love to play every weekend ! 

The family was extremely happy to let us tick right all their expectations. Their home is always buzzing with guests often and we are glad that we could deliver them a happy and luxurious home that serves them the best.